Age 2 Curriculum Skills Lists


  • handle books gently
  • can say the alphabet without singing
  • memorizes several nursery rhymes
  • understands that reading is down from left to right and can turn the page
  • enjoys being red to. Ask questions.
  • Enjoys the library

Writing & Penmanship

  • holds a crayon correctly when colouring
  • can trance straight lines with a crayon
  • can trace curved and zigzag lines
  • demonstrates proper posture when drawing


  • can count out loud to 20
  • can count objects to 20
  • understand simple comparisons (bigger / smaller etc)
  • can sort objects by colour and size

Science & Health

  • recognize animals and their sounds
  • knows the names of outside objects, ie sky, tree, grass, sun, etc
  • starting to understand the basics of good health principles
  • starting to understand basic safety principles

Social Studies

  • know names of family members, eg mommy, daddy
  • know names of common foods
  • know names of articles of clothing
  • know names of things around the house (room names, furniture, etc.)

Readiness Skills

  • Identifies colours
  • remembers colors from memory (peas are green)
  • identifies shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, arrow, cross, moon
  • sit quietly for a period of time, ie when listening to a story
  • follows a series of directions 
  • name school supplies and familiar with their uses
  • take proper care of school supplies

Art & Craft

  • uses a variety of art mediums, colours and textures
  • take care of art supplies


  • develop a love of music
  • enjoys singing
  • keeps simple time and rhythm by clapping hands
  • uses simple instruments

Physical Education

  • enjoys running, jumping, hopping, chasing, being chased
  • dance to music

Manners and Helping

  • pick up toys and put them away
  • helps making bed
  • learning to say please, thank you, you are welcome, excuse me
  • learning to say yes / no
  • gets things for you and put things in trash when asked
  • puts dirty clothes in laundry

Personal Care

  • dresses self with minimal assistance
  • potty trained
  • wash and dry hands with minimal assistance





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