Game #154 Preposition of place 4 步曲

教 in on under 等 preposition, mappi-ma 合併出完美的 preposition of place 4 步曲!! 巡序漸進, 網羅 “常用1000單詞”裡最常見的 prepositions of place. 學懂了頭 3 個再連到下一曲, 快來串燒一下!


第一章 Where is it? Where is it?

單詞: in, under, on


第二章 Where is the Spider?

單詞: on, in, under, by


第三章 In, on, under, over, in front, behind 手勢

單詞: in, on, under, over, in front, behind


第四章 Where is the Monkey?

單詞: under, in, on, in front of, over, next to, between, behind


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