English Story-books: Leveled Readers Review

We live in countries that speaks the language of the Vikings, and the language of the Sun. Buying English books for Mappi here is expensive with limited choices. I have tried to make and print books myself like this one, but it won’t be a long-term solution. Mappi should read as much as she likes without the boundary of resources.

So here I go, researched and compared nursery readers (yeah I read them all myself…), and here’s a short description of each:


10applesUponTop <- Ten Apples Up on Top

  • Dr. Suess 
    • His books are all-time favorite for foreign teachers. Especially love the books “Ten Apples Up on Top” and “One Fish, Two Fishes, Red Fish, Blue Fish”
    • There are tones of worksheets and activities for Dr. Suess’ books created by teachers and homeschoolers
  • Harcourt Leveled Readers
    • Grade K-6, with audio tracks
    • especially love its Picture Cards (flash cards). All pictures are photos instead of cliparts.
  • Houghton Mifflin Leveled Readers
    • Audio-embedded PDFs. Read out very slowly.
  • Oxford Owl
    • 3-11 years, the first level contains books without words, other levels with 2 audio options – the whole story in one track, or a separate track for each page.
  • Oxford Potato Pals
    • Grade K. So cute!!! With audio tracks.
  • Pearson Scott Foresman Readers
    • Sound-embedded pdf files. Love the "Science” and “Social Studies” categories.
  • Pearson Leveled Readers
    • Fantasies, classics, animals and everyday life stories. With audio track.


I really wanna try Bob Books too. Will get them when I am back.



Wong Sandra

Hi, may I know where can you get these materials? Thanks a lot>.

◦Harcourt Leveled Readers
◦Houghton Mifflin Leveled Readers
◦Oxford Potato Pals
◦Pearson Scott Foresman Readers
◦Pearson Leveled Readers

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