Reading Audio PDF books on iPad

OK, now I have reviewed and got these great English Leveled Readers and can’t wait to transfer them to my iPad for Mappi to read. And here comes the big shock!! My favourite, all-rounded pdf app Good Reader will not play the embedded audio in pdf files!!! Went ask Professor Google, it seems many people posted the same question without a concrete solution… after an hour of struggle, finally I found this!

documents Documents by Readdle

Love it!! Why? It’s:

  • Free without ads!!!!
  • able to play the sounds from my pdf files!
  • many option to transfer files, including dropbox!
  • nice and simple layout showing the covers of each file – so mappi can touch and choose what she wants me to read her
  • can even play MP3s and videos!

Here go some screen shots:



It’s my first night reading from iPad to mappi tonight. Guess how long we read until she asked for dinner? An hour!!!!!



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