Game #31 Story of Shapes with Harry and Larry

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Mappi has a lot of books. Most of them were bought when she was only a tiny 3-month-old, before we moved to the country of the Vikings. Most of her books are Japanese, and her few English books aren’t very suitable for her level now (I didn’t know how and what to choose for her that time). So I turned to Professor Google and found a really good one:

  • Chateau Meddybemps – Beantime Stories
  • The site is free, the stories are short, illustrations are colorful and cute. What I like most is the very few buttons on the pages. Mostly just “back” and “next” page buttons. That makes it more like a book then a game (Yeah games are great too, but I do want Mappi to fall in love with books too).


    As my next planned topic for Mappi is shapes, this little shapes story is perfect for her!


  • Shapes with Harry and Larry

    To limit her screentime, I even made her a physical book printed on 5”x11” photo paper!


    I copied the picture, and typed the words myself (so the text does not go on a brownish background to save ink):



    I even made additional pages to illustrate the vocabularies in photos and words, using the OIL teaching method. (I didn’t write the words, I only expanded the paragraph into two pages so the words are larger.)



    So here’s how the book looks like (selected pages):



    Printed, punched holes, tied a little ribbon, and how nice it looks!



    Mappi enjoyed reading it! She asked me to read 3 times in a row!


    Download the book in PowerPoint format here – you can also use it as a slideshow:


    * I do not own copyright of the storybook, so please do not distribute commercially. Thanks!



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