Game #11 Dot Dot Dot

拿筆對 mappi 來說好像還是有點難, 今天買了這種形的顏色筆, 筆杆很容易拿. 可以畫粗線,又可以按下成點點.

dot marker


馬上想讓 mappi 試下. 抓來這 3 幅點點畫, 邊玩邊學顏色, 還有背景音樂!






mappi 的成果:

dot completed

[2y1m] 玩完了 purple , blue 就開始亂畫, green 就..



I Love Colors Song

Blue is the color of the deep blue sea
Blue like mommy’s eyes looking at me
Blue is the color of the summer sky
I love blue
Don’t ask me why!

Red is the color of a big fire truck
Red like an apple or a rose you pluck
Red is the color of the sun set sky
I love red
Don’t ask me why!

Yellow is the color of the big bright sun
Yellow like buttercups, every one
Yellow is the yoke in the eggs we fry
I love yellow
Don’t ask me why!

Green is the color of the grass and trees
Green like peas and broccoli
Green is the color of key lime pie
I love green
Don’t ask me why!

I love colors
Don’t ask me why!



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